Thursday, 22 May 2014

Being a 21st Century Teacher

At the core of every 21st century teacher should be a learner. If we can continue, in some areas begin, to embrace learning, I truly believe that every teacher has an undefinable level of ability within them. Whether they're aware of it or not, if we can grasp a hold of learning for ourselves we can see a transformation in our teaching and therefore a transformation in the learning of our pupils.

If we can be willing to learn, from those who've gone before us, those who are here with us now, and even those we're supposedly teaching; embracing any season, situation or circumstance in life with a sense of positivity and an awakening to the learning potential that surrounds us that I for one, certainly take for granted and often walk by without even a second glance.

Teaching in the 21st century isn't about equipping pupils with a head full of knowledge, of course there's a place for key facts, methods, tried and tested approaches; but there's so much more than that. 21st century teaching is about creating a love learning, within ourselves, our peers, our pupils, even our family and friends. It's more than a job and a title, it's certainly more than a payslip and grade.

What if we could embrace for ourselves and help others discover how to learn, rather than a list of what to learn?

Technology is an ever evolving paradigm in which education is sucked into and rightly so, but there has to be a recognition and realisation that it's use in school is far beyond and not limited to; making prezis, starting blogs, creating wordles, publishing animotos, designing flipcharts, producing videos, posting to edmodo, using whiteboards and developing apps. These aren't end goals, and they never should be classified or listed as that, they're tools. The very nature of tech is that it's a tool for learning, life, discovery. What about if we changed our focus and we used technology to; raise awareness, start conversations, find answers, join partners, change minds, make a difference, take action, drive change, discover.

Some thoughts, perhaps obvious but...

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