Friday, 31 January 2014

#SID2014 at St Luke's

Check back here between 10th - 14th Feb to see what we're getting up to for this year's Safer Internet Day.

Our first day of our 'Safer Internet Week'

                                                                                                                                                                    We've got off to a flying start. With our Gadget Geeks running lessons in year 1 and year 6. The children in year one have committed to staying safe online by stamping their handprints on large

sheets of paper, after they chatted about what does it mean to stay safe online and sharing.

The children in year one also watched an episode of Hector Protector ( and have entered a colouring competition with others from Key Stage 1 to win some exciting prizes. 

Our year six pupils held a class discussion all about, 'One thing you would change to make the internet better' The pupils signed their acceptable usage forms, thought about sharing images online and are now stepping up to a challenge to present their ideas about changing the internet in a digital format, to enter our competition to win a Hudl. 

I'm sure the great work is going to continue throughout the week!